::.. An American manufacturer of high quality, standardized, flexible laboratory steel furniture


dwc_logo::.. An American manufacturer of high quality laboratory wood casework




 ::.. Epoxy resin tops and sinks


Watersaver Logo

::.. Laboratory fixtures and safety products 




Nuaire logo::.. Polypropylene casework and Biosafety cabinets





index_logo::.. Stainless steel specialties, pegboards, tops, shelving




MultiLab::.. Modular Millwork

thermo logo::.. Laboratory Equipment





nxtwall logo ::.. Flexible work environments



alsedent logo::.. High quality extraction arms







Counter reaction Logo

::.. Phenolic resin tops


sellstrom logo


::.. Goggle cabinets and safety equipment





We offer fume hood testing and maintenance


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Casework Systems Installations::.. Our sister company is a skilled group of carpenters that assist in construction and lab remodeling projects.